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Infographic: Important KPIs for measuring success at the POS

CPC, Conversion Rate, Reach, Interaction Rate, ....

This list could probably continue forever. One thing is definitely not lacking in online marketing: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Thanks to cookies, CRM systems, Google Analytics, etc., online trading does not miss any great challenge in collecting key figures. In weekly meetings, these numbers are then used according to the motto "If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it" to figure out the success of various actions.

And stationary?

So online, things are pretty clear and there's no shortage of tools to get metrics. But what about the stationary situation? Many companies have already recognized the approach of crowdsourcing to measure the success of their activities at the point of sale, or simply to keep an eye on their own performance. But which key figures are really important for these companies to measure the performance of their "offline" marketing activities, ie those at the POS? We wanted to know more about that and conducted a survey asking 40 experts in trade marketing, category management, market research and C-level management. The majority of respondents had their background in Consumer Goods or Food, or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Study design

In the study, the metrics for measuring success were separated in three different categories: on shelf, promotions and service quality. In each case, a set of key figures was given, which the respondents should rank according to their relevance. For each category, there were two different subcategories: on the one hand, hard key figures for the retail execution, on the other soft key figures for shopper perception. The core findings from this study are summarized in the following infographic:


At the end of the survey, attendees had the opportunity to provide more metrics that help them rate their performance at the POS. Among other things, the time availability of the promotion, promotions and events at the POS, as well as the quality of the brand block in the FMCG categories were mentioned.

Have you become curious and would like to know more about the study, or are you even ready to put your own POS performance to the test? Great, our team is happy to help you. Just fill out the contact form and we will reach out!


Michaela Schützinger

Michaela Schützinger

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