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POSpulse and Streetspotr join forces: Europe’s leading mobile crowdsourcing provider is formed


POSpulse und Streetspotr join forces: Europe's leading mobile crowdsourcing provider is formed 

  • POSpulse and Streetspotr, the two most influential crowd-based market-research companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland create the largest mobile shopper panel in Europe, with over 800,000 of their own shoppers and consumers.

  • Combining technology and crowdsourcing expertise with analytics and industry knowledge

  •  Vision: POSpulse as a leading agile shopper and consumer feedback platform

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Infographic: Important KPIs for measuring success at the POS


CPC, Conversion Rate, Reach, Interaction Rate, ....

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5 Obstacles to success in retail execution


Properly planned and implemented retail execution and marketing is crucial for a product’s success. We can probably all agree on that. Even though thoroughly planning any in-store presentation is critical, it is of course not enough. What really counts is the final execution of the plan. Considering the fact that companies tend to spend fortunes on retail marketing and execution, it is quite surprising that about two thirds of promotional campaigns in-store do not break even for them.

How is that possible?

Certain obstacles to really being successful with one’s retail execution just come up over and over again. In this post, we want to provide an overview of the most common ones. It is supposed to raise awareness on the most important aspects and help companies prevent encountering them as well.

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How to approach the Out of Stock Problem


We have probably all experienced it: You are in a store shopping for groceries and are almost done with your list, when you arrive at the shelf where the canned tomatoes are supposed to be, and it’s empty. And this situation does by far not only happen in supermarkets and with canned tomatoes but can and, very likely, does occur in basically every store and with any product at times.

Annoying right?

Viewing this from the perspective of a retailer or manufacturer, however, it is much more than that. These so-called Out of Stock(OOS) or Stock Out situations cost them millions, if not, billions of dollars annually. If this is the case, then why does it still happen so often? What needs to be done to solve the issue and can it really be solved once and for all in the future? This article aims at answering these questions and, thereby, help retailers and manufacturers better manage the OOS problem.

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